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establishment year of Vologda,
one of the most
ancient cities
of Russia


Vologda is an administrative, cultural and scientific center of the Vologda Region, one of the largest cities of the Northwest Russia. It is situated 450 km from Moscow and 650 km from St. Petersburg.

For a long time – before the foundation of St. Petersburg – Vologda had been the largest transit center of trade including foreign countries. After the change of trade flow directions, which was caused by the access of Russia to the Baltic Sea, Vologda became a cozy provincial town with lots of grass, ancient cathedrals and churches.

In the Soviet times Vologda began developing at an accelerated tempo. There the ball bearing,
the optical mechanics and the machine-tool plants were built, the polytechnic institute was opened, and the large-scaled building of houses and first multistoried houses were launched. The city’s population was also rising. In half a century – from 1950 till 2000 – the population of Vologda had increased more than in two times.

Vologda is a very compact city. Here there are no regions that are located far from each other and everything is so called at hand and within walking distance.

116 km 2

the square of Vologda. In half an hour it is possible to walk to the city center almost from each city district.

Фото города 1

Vologda is one of the unique cities where the monuments of the most beautiful wooden architecture have been preserved. It harmoniously combines the modernity and traditions, Soviet constructivism and architecture of previous epochs, morning smokes of the manufactures and wooden housing quarters, pattern window casings and low window sills in the multistoried buildings from glass
and concrete, wide noisy motorways and silent green streets in the city’s center, IT-companies and grannies on the benches.

50 mln

RF economically active
population lives within
a radius of 700 km
from Vologda


Vologda is located in the north of the European Russia.
The local landscape is flat, almost without height differences.
The city is situated on both banks of the same-name river.
Except it there are several small rivers there:
Shogrash, Sodema, Zolotukha.

The climate in Vologda is moderately continental. Winter is long but soft, it lasts 5 months. Spring and autumn are chill, summer is warm enough for such latitudes. The most cold months are December and January, the most warm month is July. The biggest rainfall happens in summer and autumn.

The unique climate feature of Vologda is its 'comfortability': there are neither long-lasting frosts of the Far North there, nor the burning southern heat of Simferopol, nor dry steppe winds of Samara,
nor the humidity of St. Petersburg.


meters above sea level

80 %

air humidity

3.5 m/sec

annual average wind speed

-3.1 °C

average annual temperature

Even in the neighboring but located to the south Kirov, for example, invasions of cold air are possible, which are capable to cause strong frosts
in winter and ground frosts, sharp cold snaps in summer.

In Vologda any little serious natural disasters almost don't occur: the tectonic structure doesn't dispose to earthquakes, climate – to occurrence of hurricanes, tornadoes and similar natural calamities. Against floods the city is immuned by the lack of large waterbodies.

Фото города 2

In 2015 Vologda became one of the top three of Russian cities with the most ecofriendly transport in the rating of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. And the year before Vologda was at the third place in the rating of cities with the most favorable air environment.

6 %

of the city’s total square is occupied with green plantings. From olden times Vologda is a very green city.


Vologda is a crossroad of the important transport corridors. Three federal motorways go through the city: M-8 “Moscow-Arkhangelsk”, A114 “Vologda-Novaya Ladoga” and A119 “Vologda-Medvezhegorsk”.
To connect these motorways the last stage of the city’s by-pass route with modern interchanges is being built.

Vologda —

transport node
of Northwest

By 2019

the building of the final part of the Vologda by-pass route will be finished, what will substantively relieve the city motorways.

of transport corridors

Vologda is an important transit and sorting node on the Northern Railway. The federal rail transport corridors go through the city: “South-North” (Moscow – Yaroslavl – Arkhangelsk – Murmansk – Vorkuta) and "Transsib”
(Vladivostok – Chelyabinsk – Ekaterinburg – Kirov – Vologda – St. Petersburg).

In one of the city districts - Losta - there is one of the biggest in Russia sorting station serving 3,380 waggons a day.

30 minutes

average time across city by car

~10 km/h

average traffic speed during rush hours
in Vologda

More than 240 carriages pass daily through the railway section “Vologda-2 – Losta Sortirovochnaya”.

The authorities of Vologda do the purposeful work on the improvement of the traffic system within the city: there is a constant monitoring of the traffic situation, one perfects the system of signal control, and new interchanges are being built.
The city has a well-developed public transport and taxi system.

Фото города 3

Vologda has its own domestic airport with the reception opportunity of medium-range aircrafts of Yak-40 type. Besides, 120 km from the city there is an international airport “Cherepovets”.


Vologda is one of the biggest in the Northwest telecommunication nodes. Particularly, the city is crossed by the lines of fiber-optic communication of the corridor “East-West” which connects China and Europe.

Due to trunk communication channels, human capacity, existence of free areas and infrastructure, Vologda is a perfect place for creation of big data centers.

3 Интернет-провайдеры

large Internet-providers:

Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline
5 Операторы сотовой связи

mobile operators:

MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, Yota.
2.5 Tbit/sec

throughput capacity of the main communication channels in the Vologda oblast for transit traffic in 2016.

Фото города 4

Internet-resources are one of the most dynamically developing and profitable directions in modern economy of Vologda.

Courier and transport companies

The services of the biggest federal logistic companies and operators are presented in Vologda.

65 Транспортные компании


14 Курьерские компании



“Russian Post”


The population of Vologda is constantly growing. And this is connected not only with the all-Russian trend of increase in the birth rate and urbanization, but also with the internal migration. The great number of highly qualified specialists from the Far North regions moves to Vologda to take up permanent residence.


people —
Vologda population

The population of Vologda has been growing over the recent years.

Natural population growth dynamics

658 people


1,385 people


1,125 people


To compare with
133 people

Veliky Novgorod


Vologda population structure

  • Employable population

    188.7 ths. people
  • Pensioners

    72.5 ths. people
  • Minors

    59.3 ths. people
  • men

  • women


Working population structure
by areas of activity

  • Education, health care

  • Manufactures

  • State administration, military security

  • Transport and communication

  • Financial activity, real estate transactions

  • Wholesale and retail trade, hotels and restaurants

  • Production and distribution of steam, gas and water

  • Building


Average monthly salary dynamics








average monthly salary in 2016


average pension

Population employment

Vologda is characterized with its stable situation on the labor market. Within the last years the number of vacancies exceeds the number of registered unemployed people. The employers have a need in such specialties as engineer, programmer, car driver, installer, doctor, nurse, doctor's assistant.

1.4 %

of the economically active population – the registered unemployment level


The health care system of Vologda is presented with the following medical institutions:

  • 2 city hospitals
  • 5 polyclinics
  • 2 dental polyclinics,
  • 2 maternity hospitals,
  • 3 children’s polyclinics,
  • 2 children’s dental polyclinics.

Besides, there are about 60 private medical organizations in Vologda including psychologists’ offices.

In the city there are also

  • 2 regional hospitals,
  • the regional isolation hospital,
  • the regional ophthalmological hospital,
  • the regional children’s hospital,
  • the occupational medicine clinic Northern Railway,
  • the central hospital of the Vologda district
  • 8 early treatment centers of different specializations.

private medical organizations work in Vologda

71.5 years

average life time of Vologda citizens

Among the citizens of Vologda there is a growing demand for private clinics, in particular, dental and therapeutic ones.


Vologda is an educational regional center. About 190 educational institutions are concentrated in the city, and in 2017 the Vologda Research Center of the RAS began its work.

by 4.1 %

the number of students
in general education
has increased for
three years

The number of educational
institutions in Vologda:

  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • institutions
    of additional education
  • specialised secondary educational establishments
  • state universities
  • branches
    of state universities
  • branches of non-state universities

The city provides 30% benefit on the land tax to the “basic” enterprises that participate in the training of qualified specialists together with the vocational education institutions.

Secondary vocational education

9,395 students

training in 59 occupations:

  • - Technical School of Railway Transport,
  • - Machine-building Technical School,
  • - Technological College,
  • - Regional College of Arts,
  • - Pedagogical College,
  • - Regional Medical College,
  • - Cooperative College,
  • - Construction College,
  • - Agricultural and Economic College,
  • - College of Light Industry and Services,
  • - College of Folk Crafts,
  • - College of Communication and Information Technologies,
  • - College of Technology and Design,
  • - College of Commerce, Technology and Service.

High education

15,422 students

training in 108 occupations and 24 directions:

  • – Vologda State University;
  • – Vologda State Milk Academy named after N.V. Vereshchagin;
  • – Vologda Institute of Law and Economics Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia;
  • – The Vologda branch of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University;
  • – The Vologda branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

In Vologda there is the well-organized cooperation of colleges and technical schools with "basic" organizations. For instance, the Vologda Construction College cooperates with such companies as “SKDM”, “Vologdaagrostroy”, “Obltechavto” and “Biovat-Profil”. And the Industrial-technological College works with the Vologda Bearing Plant and the company “Immid”.

Due to purposeful and expert career-oriented work more and more young citizens of Vologda choose labor occupations in the real sector of economy.

Vologda has a strong IT-school. Today there are more than 2,000 workers in this sphere.

More than 1,000 students receive IT-training. Also in the city there is a basis for creation of powerful scientific centers. There the corresponding Development Strategy has been developed: "Vologda – IT-City". In which the major role is given to the training of future specialists.

One of the brightest examples of the IT-sphere development is the company Playrix. At the moment Playrix is the leader among mobile game developers and entered the TOP-10 largest game publishers in the world. The company appeared in Vologda and its head office is still located there.


Vologda is famous for its unique brands all over the world.

Vologda butter

This is the first thing the citizens of other regions associate Vologda with.

The name “Vologda butter” is preserved by the State. The product of this brand can be produced only by the butter manufacturers from Vologda, and its properties – including the famous nutty flavor – are strictly regulated.

On the recognition of scientists-butter manufacturers, the Vologda butter remains the best creation for the entire period of industrial butter manufacturing in Russia, in other words, for more than 120-year-long history.

Vologda linen

The Vologda oblast is a historical center of flax growing.

Here there are preserved the centuries-old traditions of the industry and a full complex of enterprises for deep processing of flax – “from field to counter".

Annually the exhibition-fair ""Russian linen"" is carried in Vologda. The designers of local enterprises develop entire collections of linen, what are invariably valued on fashion podiums and shows.

Practicality, water-absorbing quality and aesthetics are the main advantages of linen fabrics. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and almost doesn’t accumulate static electricity. Moreover, linen fabric doesn’t become worse in its quality even after numerous washings.

Vologda lace

This is the leading brand not only of Vologda, but also of the whole region.

Not in vain even the visual symbol of Vologda is the bird from lace. And the city is by right considered the lace capital of Russia. The whole museum was devoted to lace in Vologda.

Vologda varenie

As butter and lace it has become the specific brand, the trademark of the city and the region.

The varenie from Vologda has long ago proven itself as one of the best products in this category on the Russian market.

Vologda wooden house

Unified brand for all local builders of wooden houses.

Vologda is one of the few cities, which have preserved the unique heritage of wooden house building. There are a lot of architectural monuments with the convoluted carvings here.

In the trade and exhibition complex "Vologodskaya Sloboda" the works samples of the wooden house building masters are presented.

Vologda ice-cream

Genuine product from Vologda from whole cow milk.

The natural raw material for ice-cream is supplied directly to the factory from the agricultural producers. The wide range of products is presented by the very different tastes.

Vologda bearing

Vologda bearings have long ago deserved a reputation of qualitative and reliable products. Now the production of city factories takes a leading position on the markets of Russia and CIS-countries.

Vologda bearings are used in the spheres of car manufacturing, agricultural machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical and mining industries, as well as machine-building, electrical engineering, fuel-energy and military-industrial complex of Russia. In addition, they are exported to more than 20 countries. Every year new types of production are developed, including ones for the space industry.

Vologda sights

The optical sights of the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant have been used for a long time by domestic hunters.

The certain modern types of the plant products are now actively used in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

The Vologda traditional products meet the modern all-Russian trends of import substitution, food security and environmental friendliness.